Student Support Services provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students towards the successful completion of their education. It provides employment opportunities through campus interviews. Soft Skills development programmes(SSDP) etc.,

Major divisions in the Student Support are

1. Placement Cell

The placement cell monitors and provides intensive training to students in employable skills as well as giving career guidance to step into higher education. It creates interest among students by arranging some extension lectures, seminars from experts of different organizations to make students aware of the latest development. We motivate the students by arranging some industrial visits and also advise to take part in extracurricular activities to maintain physical fitness.

It is connected with Jawahar Knowledge centre, Commissionerate of Collegiate Education. It also invites small organizations and consultants for conducting placement drives.
The placement cell is committed to developing strong human values, good leadership qualities and overall personality development in all the students. The students are trained in communication skills and soft skills. By TASK reading, writing and listening skills are improved. Along with this we also teach reasoning, aptitude and computer skills. It conducts Just a Minute, Group Discussion and Mock interviews to help students. T also helps students to improve their academic scores through a series of programs, workshops, seminars, industrial visits etc.

– Placement Officer – Mrs B. Shalini

Our Students who got placed in reputed MNCs in 2017 – 2018

S. SravaniB.COM(Computers)TCS
Zuleka BegumB.COM(Computers)TCS
Mariyam Siddiqui B.COM(Computers)TCS
C. SravaniB.COM(Computers)TCS
Nooreen SabaB.COM(Computers)IKS Health
Anju ManeB.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
V. Sandhya SreeB.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
D. AshwiniB.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
T. KeerthanaB.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Sunitha B.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Keerthi ReddyB.COM(Computers)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Ch. Anusha B. Sc (MSCs)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
B. Swathi B. Sc (MSCs)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Simpy Singh B. Sc (MSCs)IKEA(Retail Marketing) , SDS pathology(shortlisted)
A. Prathyusha B. Sc (MSCs)Cognizant(Shortlisted)
B. SrividhyaB. Sc (MSCs)Cognizant(Shortlisted)
Patel BhoomikaB. Sc (M.Bt.C)IKEA(Retail Marketing)
G.PushpalathaB. Sc (M.Bt.C)IKEA(Retail Marketing), SDS pathology(shortlisted
N.Agni Jyothi KavithaB. Sc (M.Bt.C)IKEA(Retail Marketing), SDS pathology(shortlisted
P. PallaviB. Sc (M.Bt.C)IKEA(Retail Marketing), SDS pathology(shortlisted
N.Vyshnavi Reddy B. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
P. Saritha B. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
S.V.Aashritha B. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
T.ShravanthiB. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
P.RadhikaB. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
K.SupriyaB. Sc (M.Bt.C)SDS pathology(shortlisted)
S.Bhoomika B. Sc (M.Bt.C) SDS pathology(shortlisted)

2. Counselling Cell

The Counselling cell plays a vital role as it assists the students in all the ways to sought out solutions pertaining to their personal and academic career. It helps the students to understand the relevance of creating the opportunities to face the difficult and tough situations. In many ways, the counselling cell always makes sure that the best of the healthy support and cooperation is rendered to build their confidence and boost the morale in the most positive way and to foster better feeling and balanced emotional personality.

– Counselling Officer – Mrs. B. Lavanya Kumari

3. Grievance Cell

The well being of students is the prime motive of the institution. In this endeavour, the college has set up a Grievance Cell to hear to the students difficulties, think upon their suggestions and provide solutions to their problems.

– Grievance  Officer – Mrs. Deepa Naik 

4. Anti Ragging Committee

Incharge Lecturer takes care that senior students do not rag the juniors and educate them where to draw the borderline in getting familiarized with the juniors and how important it is and how different it is from ragging.

– Anti Ragging Committee officer – Mrs. B. Lavanya Kumari

5. Alumni Meeting

The college conducts Alumini Meetings twice in a year to continue the bond with the institution and work for the betterment and progress of the institution as well as the students.

– Contact Person – Mrs. Deepa Naik 

6. Class Representative Meetings

Incharge Lecturer holds Class Representative meetings to discuss the various students issues related to the students.

– Contact Person – Mrs .Deepa Naik.

7. Scholarships

1. Post metric scholarships from social welfare department

2. Various cash awards subject wise, group wise, attendance and best student awards..

– Contact Person – Mrs .P. Kavitha


The alumni association of Smt. A.S.D.D.C has come into existence in the year 2012 as an outcome of long felt need to form a forum which is a good source of oral publicity to college as alumni students are backbone to the institution. They share their experiences with existing students in the areas of specialization. They come to alumni meetings and enlighten the students on job requirements. Many of them have entered professional courses, MBA and some have taken up jobs in various fields like teaching, banking, etc. The track record of Alumni for the past 2 years reflects significant progress in higher education and employment. We now consider Alumni as a source of strength and strong support. We expect to continue the bond al through the existence of the Institution.



Each year the following merit scholarships are awarded to meritorious students.

  • Merit scholarship for highest marks in degree examination.
  • P. VIJAYA LAKSHMI award for topper in B.Sc Computer Science.
  • Late Smt.A.Shyamala Devi memorial merit prize for securing highest marks is equally distributed int three groups
  • Merit prize for securing highest marks in Income tax and Business economics.
  • Late Smt.Konda Laxman bapuji merit award for securing higest marks in mathematics.
  • Late Smt.Konda Laxman bapuji merit cum means scholarship and best student award prize.
  • Smt Muktevy Bharathi merit award for securing highest marks in telugu.
  • Best student award.



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