Empowering Young women through education and employment

Smt. A. Shyamala Devi Degree College runs with a noble objective of fullest development and empowerment of women through education and employment.

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Smt. A Shyamala Devi Degree College for Women is a place for making future in higher Education for economically weaker sections after intermediate.

What Our Alumni Say about us?

The alumni association of Smt. A.S.D.D.C has come into existence in the year 2012. Alumni students are backbone to the institution. They share their experiences with existing students. They come to alumni meetings and enlighten the students on job requirements. Many of them have  have gone for higher education and some have taken up jobs in various fields like IT, teaching, banking, etc. The track record of Alumni for the past 7 years reflects significant progress in higher education and employment. We consider Alumni as a source of strength and strong support. We expect to continue the bond althrough the existence of the Institution.

It is the college which makes us feel like our home. Best guidance and care are taken by lecturers and the helpers.


"They teach very clearly until every Student understands."

Ch. Alekya

"Excellent college… Teachers are used to suggesting and clearing doubts, what to take or not to in future or for further studies. "

Asha Latha

"I'm truly blessed to have this college, I never will forget all my beautiful moments in life from this college."


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