B.Com (Computer Applications)

B.Com Computer Applications is also offered to commerce students who are interested to pursue jobs related to IT and ITES.The Electives selected in Final Year are Cost Accounting and Management Accounting and Control to give a sound accounting base.Keeping in view the demand for computer science the college has increased computer sections.Regular practical sessions are conducted to develop the logical skills



English (First Language)

Second Language

  1. a) Environmental Science/
  2. b) Basic Computer Skills

Financial Accounting–I

Business Organization and Management

Fundamentals of Information Technology


English (First Language)

Second Language

  1. a) Environmental Science/
  2. b) Basic Computer Skills

Financial Accounting–II

Business Laws

Object Oriented Programming using JAVA



Principles of Insurance


Second Language

Advanced Accounting

Income Tax-I

Business Statistics-I

Programming with C



Practice of Life Insurance


Second Language

Corporate Accounting

Income Tax-II

Business Statistics-II

Objective Oriented Programming with C++

Business Analytics Programming



Practice of General Insurance

Introduction to Indian Economy

Cost Accounting

Business Law

Banking Theory & Practice

Excel Foundation

Computerized Accounting/Business Analytics

Web Technology/Business Simulation



Regulation of Insurance Business

Sectors of Indian Economy

Theory and Practice of GST

Company Law

Managerial Accounting

Commerce Lab

E-Commerce/ Business Forecasting

Relational Database Management Systems

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise. A system is generally a computer system including all hardware, software and peripheral equipment operated by a limited group of users.

Programming in C

C is a very powerful and widely used language. It is used in many scientific programming situations. C is most likely an evergreen language. All the system software programming(at kernel side) will use C as it executes faster than other popular programming languages

Computer Lab

Programming in C++

C++ is considered a more prestigious language used for applications such as games, operating systems, and very low-level programming that requires better control of hardware on the PC or server. There is a good deal of demand from developers themselves to learn C++. It has essentially maintained its high popularity, year-on-year – it has neither ascended nor descended the various popularity indexes

Web Technologies

The most common programming languages on the Web include Hyper Text Markup Language, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets,etc. Web Developers take a website design and actually make a functioning website from it. Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages to bring to life the design files.

Excel Foundation

Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets,using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations. It has a battery of supplied functions to answer statistical, engineering and financial needs. In addition, it can display data as line graphs, histograms and charts, and with a very limited three-dimensional graphical display.


E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

B.Com (Computer Applications)

Year Semester Lab Subject
I Year I semester FIT(DOS, MS-Office, Basics of Internet)
II semester Programming with Java
II Year III semester Programming with C
IV semester  Programming with C++
III Year V semester Excel Foundation
Web Technologies(HTML,CSS,Javascript,XML)
Computerized Accounting(Tally ERP 9)
VI semester RDBMS(Using Oracle)
E-Commerce(HTML Lab)
Theory and Practice of GST(Tally ERP 9)

The three-year degree programme in B.Com with Computer Applications will enable the students to gain skillfulness in the fields of Commerce and Computer Applications. It equips the students with a number of specialized skills that will help them to excel in different functional areas of Trade, Industry, Commerce and Computers. The students unequivocally will gain expansive knowledge in the course specific areas like Accountancy, Taxation, Banking & Insurance as well as in various computer languages. The course promotes the students in understanding the subjects better for its practical applications in Accounting and Computer skills. A wide range of job opportunities will aid the students to take up as


  • Accountants
  • Marketing Executives 
  • Sales Officers
  • Inventory Manager in Design and Development of software as programmer
  • Web developers 
  • E-Commerce Specialists


The students can also simultaneously pursue in Professional courses like


  • Charted Accountancy 
  • Company Secretary
  • Cost & Management Accounting


The course finally gives an edge over computer graduates as they have the knowledge in Commerce, which makes them a desirable candidate for IT employers.


B.Com(computers) 2015-2016

  1. Ch. Kavitha                                       83 (Web Programming)
  2. M. Vaishnavi                                    82 (Web Programming)
  3. Azra Zabeen                                     94 (E-Commerce)
  4. M. Shalini                                         94 (E-Commerce)
  5. Ch. Kavitha                                      93 (E-Commerce)

B.Com(computers) 2016-2017

  1. S. Rashmi Singh                              92 (Web Programming)
  2. G. Shireesha                                     90 (Web Programming)
  3. Javeria Firdous                                77 (E-Commerce)
  4. Prathibha Rani                                75 (E-Commerce)

 B.Com(Computers) 2017-2018

  1. Nooren Saba                                    100 (Web Programming)
  2. Sajja Sravani                                    100 (Web Programming)
  3. Nooren Saba                                     96 (E-Commerce)
  4. V. Sundari Kumari                          95 (E-Commerce)

B.Com(Computers) 2018-2019 Overall

  1. B.Shirisha                                          9.48
  2. Ch. Bhargavi                                     9.44
  3. P. Priyanka                                        9.34
FAQ’s about Bcom (Computers Applications)

Intermediate (10+2)

C.E.C, M.E.C, M.P.C, Bi.P.C, Vocational

The duration of course is 3 Years.

Through D O S T.

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