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B.Sc (Bio-Technology, Microbiology, Chemistry)

This course was started as it has a lot of scope and plenty of opportunities in the areas of medicine, food sciences, agriculture, ecology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology and others. With an idea to promote knowledge and value of basic education to train for self-employment by meeting the industry requirements. The combination–Micro Biology, Bio-Tech, Chemistry was introduced in B.Sc Life Sciences.

I Year

Semester I

English (First Language)

Second Language

Introductory Microbiology-I

Cell Biology and Genetics-I


Semester II

English (First Language)

Second Language

Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry-I

Microbiology and Biological Chemistry-I


II Year

Semester III

English (First Language)

Second Language

Microbial Physiology and Enzymology-II

Haematology (SEC)

Molecular Biology and r-DNA technology-III

Enzyme Technology (SEC-I)


Semester IV

English (First Language)

Second Language

Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology-IV

Food Adulteration (SEC)

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics-IV

Molecular Plant Breeding (SEC-I)


III Year

Semester V

Applied Microbiology-V

Immunology/Pharmaceutical Microbiology-VIA/VIB

Plant Biotechnology/Medicinal Biotechnology-VA/VB


Instrumental Methods of Analysis/ Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis-VIA/VIB

Materials and Their Applications (SEC-III)

Information Technology-I (GE-I)

Semester VI

Medical Microbiology-VII

Food Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology-VIIIA/VIIIB

Animal Biotechnology/Environmental Biotechnology-VIA/VIB


Medicinal Chemistry/Agricultural and Fuel Chemistry (VIIIA/VIIIB)

Chemistry of Cosmetics and Food Processing (SEC-IV)

Information Technology-II (GE-II)


A microbiology lab is a place to grow and study tiny organisms, called microbes. Microbes can include bacteria and viruses. Microbiology labs need equipment to help properly grow and culture these organisms.



Year Semester Lab Subject
I Year I semester Introductory Microbiology
II semester Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry
II Year III semester Microbial Physiology and Enzymology
IV semester Microbial Genetics and Molecular biology
III Year V semester Applied Microbiology
VI semester Medical Microbiology
Food Microbiology


A Biotechnology Laboratory provides students with the fundamentals of biotech combined with extensive, hands-on laboratory experience and internship opportunities. Based on biology, biotechnology uses DNA and proteins to create products that change our world for the better.



Year Semester Lab Subject
I Year I semester Cell Biology and Genetics
II semester Nucleic acids and Bioinformatics
II Year III semester Biochemistry and Bio statistics
IV semester Microbiology and Immunology
III Year V semester Molecular Biology and r-DNA technology
Plant Biotechnology
VI semester Microbial Technology
Environmental Biotechnology and Biodiversity


A Chemistry Lab involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions: their composition, structure, properties, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances.

Chemistry lab


Year Semester Lab Subject
I Year I semester Qualitative Analysis-I
II semester Qualitative Analysis-II
II Year III semester Quantitative  Analysis-I
IV semester Quantitative  Analysis-II
III Year V semester Experiments in Physical Chemistry-I
Experiments in Organic Chemistry-I
VI semester Experiments in Physical Chemistry-II
Experiments in Organic Chemistry-II

B.Sc(M.Bt.C) Toppers (Academic Year 2018-2019)

T. Jyothi 105716487019 9.93
A. Vaishnavi 105716487003 9.61
Deepa Pal 105716487005 9.57
M. Anusha 05716487011 9.5
N. Sai Prasanthi 105716487013 9.5
Alina Fathima 105716487004 9.25
N. KalaHasini 105716487012 9.21
S. Lakshmi Meghana 105716487018 9.46
Amreen Sultana 105717487002 9.97
K. Vishalakshmi 105717487011 9.48
S. Jyuthi 105717487015 9.26
V. Sowmya 105717487016 9.26
M. Thanmai Sree 105718487016 9.44
B. Santhoshini 1105718487003 9.26
Noor Unnisa 105718487017 9.17
Kausar Jahan 105718487011 9.11
FAQ’s about B.Sc(M.Bt.C)

Intermediate (10+2)
Bi.P.C,Vocational (MLT + Bridge Course)

The duration of course is 3 Years

Through DOST

Microbiology/Biotechnology/Chemistry is one of the emerging career fields in India; the scope of Microbiology/Biotechnology/Chemistry is wide & offers opportunities in the fields of both research & Engineering.

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