Department of English

The Department of English works with a strong conviction and spirit of creating a student-teacher centric approach. The focus is laid on the overall development and enhancement of communication skills which facilitates the grooming of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It believes in the development of moral and ethical values through value based education.
Most of the activities pertaining to the subject have various exercises under different headings to involve the participation of the students in acquiring a better outlook.
The Department of English strictly abides to the rules and regulations laid down by the Department of English, Osmania University, Hyderabad, with regard to syllabus and follows the semester system under CBCS(Choice Based Credit System)pattern of teaching.
Emphasis on various activities like project works, seminars, group activities, models display is given so as to create an atmosphere of Learning through Experience.
Finally the aim of Department is to focus on the principle of Excellence through Perfection.

Subjects of the Department

“English made easy”  by the Department of English, Osmania University has prepared the syllabus in consonance with the CBCS pattern (Choice Based Credit System) . It includes four genres-Short Fiction, Prose, Poetry and drama  under the I Semester and II Semester of the I year. The text makes an attempt to be more learner-centric with a view to emphasize more on making the students perform  all the LSRW skills [Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing] in the class and biding adieu  to rote learning  thereby giving a scope to the students to develop their competency in the language.

“English in Use” for the II year undergraduates by the Department of English , Osmania University under CBCS pattern (Choice Based Credit System) prescribes five units in the III semester and five units in the IV semester. The first three units of the text deal with poem, prose, grammar and vocabulary. Also in IV and V units apart from grammar and vocabulary it has topics on Review Writing and CV Writing (Curriculum Vitae)

The aim of the text as the title suggests is as how to use English rather than the usage of the language. The selected topics in the text helps the students to meet a variety of real-life communication needs thus facilitating and equipping the students with the practical, emotional intellectual and creative aspects of language. As said by the editors of the text the selection of the topics has been guided by three broad criteria : READBILITY, TEACHABILITY, TESTABILITY which is enjoyed by the students and the teachers also find the SUITABILITY of the text for teaching in the classroom. The text as such is more oriented towards imparting practical knowledge rather than only assimilating theoretical knowledge.

Faculty Members of the Department

Toppers in English


Sl.No.            Name                                    Group                        Year

1                        V. Annapurna                    B.Sc(M.S.Cs)                      III



Sl.No.           Name                                    Group                      Year

1                       N. Vaishnavi Reddy         B.Sc(M.Bt.C)                      III



Sl.No.           Name                                    Group                          Year

1                      P. Priyanka                          B.Com(Computers)             III

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