Department of Second Language 

Department of Telugu

The Department of Telugu in our college has been deep rooted as it is not just confined to its academic syllabi but with a serious motive to inculcate and encourage the cultural and human values in the student folk. Majority of the students opt Telugu as second language, as their mother tongue is Telugu. Therefore we groom their skills personally as well as academically. We also conduct seminars, guest lectures and literary competitions every year and give them project works and paper presentation in the classroom so as to make the student to come out with their talents of speaking skills and to outshine in their abilities apart from the prescribed core syllabus.

As a part of departmental activity students take part in inter colleges competitions and to “Aradhanas” to know more about our rich literary and cultural writing.

The Department works with motive of “Jeevano[aadhi ki aangla bhasha-Jeevanonnatiki amma bhasha” which means “English is for our professional life & Telugu is for our virtuous life”.

Department of Hindi

The department of Hindi started functioning from the session 19—-. The department of Hindi aims at providing teaching facilities in hindi. Keeping in view the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast changing social values in our time. While drawing up the syllabus. sufficient care has been taken to cater to the above needs. Special attention is also given to the regional and comprehensive studies of language and literature.

Department of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a repository of unlimited invaluable knowledge of Ancient Indian Heritage. There is an urgent need for knowledge mining from Ancient Sanskrit texts for bridge building between the past and the future through the present. Keeping this in view, a unique research oriented Department of Sanskrit Studies was established in 2006 which will act as an interface between Sanskrit and the sub-fields of the Humanities, Social Science and the Sciences.

Vision Statement:

  • The Department acts as a platform for a new generation of scholars in Sanskrit and Science to emerge as a world class interdisciplinary teaching and research oriented department.

Mission Statement:

  • To build bridges between the Ancient Indian knowledge systems and the current knowledge systems.
  • To explore Ancient Sciences and Technologies with a modern perspective to build alternate viable systems for the future.
  • To train traditional scholars in order to undertake research in application oriented knowledge mining.
  • To collect, preserve, and maintain the manuscripts dealing with Ancient Indian Sciences and Technology.

Faculty Members of the Department of Second Language

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