Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics has come into existence in the year 1998 with the syllabus prescribed by the Osmania University,Hyderabad. The entire Curriculum and mode of teaching technique is formed in accordance with the Board of studies, Dept. of Statistics , Osmania University,Hyderabad.
Scope of Statistics
Statistical data and techniques of statistical analysis are immensely useful in solving economical problems such as time series, demand analysis and probability etc.
Therefore knowledge in statistics benefits the students with the necessary tools and conceptual foundations in quantitative reasoning, Economics & Management.

The college has well established & spacious library with 200 no. of volumes in Statistics including prescribed and suggested books by Dept. of Statistics, Osmania University.

Faculty Members of the Department

Courses under Department

Paper I                  Sem I                     Descriptive Statistics and Probability

Paper II                 Sem II                    Probability Distributions

Paper III               Sem III                  Statistical Methods

Paper IV               Sem IV                  Statistical Inference

Paper V                Sem V                   Sampling Theory, Time series, Index numbers and Demand Analysis

Paper VI               Sem V                   Statistical quality control and Reliability

Paper VII              Sem VI                  Design of Experiment, Indian Official Statistics, Business Forecasting, Techniques and Vital Statistics

Paper VIII             Sem VI                  Operations Research

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