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We have one of the best lab Infrastructure in Hyderabad



The Library has a spacious hall for Reading and Reference.It is well equipped with reference and Text books.The college contributes to number of Periodicals,Journals and Newspapers.Students can have access to all types of books(Academic,Competitive examinations and General knowledge).The Library is a rich store house of ancient and historic books.It has rare collection on Literature,History of Hyderabad and also books related to Management Studies.It is highly useful for Academic progress and to some extent resaerch in Literature and Management Studies.

Computer Lab

Computer lab caters to the needs of both and B.Sc students. Lab is made available to the students from morning 9 ‘0’ clock to 4.00 PM. Student computer ratio is maintained as 1:1. Lab provides various facilities to the students, with 70 systems and configurations that support their needs.Internet facility is available. Lab is also provided with a data projector. Students can work in the lab not only during the schedule lab hours but also beyond 2.30 PM, so as to improve upon their computer skills practically.


Chemistry Lab

One of the best lab infrastructure with glass-wares, chemicals, instruments like water baths, Kipp’s apparatus, analytical balances, hand centrifuge etc.

Biotechnology Lab

The Bio-tech lab is provided with all instruments.chemicals, and glassware for performing practicals. The lab has centrifuge, electrophoresis unit, microscopes, water bath, colorimeter, incubator etc

Microbiology Lab

The lab is well equipped with all instruments necessary for doing practicals. The lab has Microscopes for observing microorganisms, laminar air flow for inoculation of culture, autoclave for sterilization, incubator for incubation, balance, water baths, colony counter, pH meter, colorimeter for measurement of colored substances. The lab also has glassware, and chemicals.

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