Chemistry Lab

This lab has glass-wares, chemicals, instruments like water baths, Kipp’s apparatus, analytical balances, hand centrifuge etc.

Labs of the Department

Instrumentation: PH meter, conductometer, potentiometer, colorimeter.

Synthesis: Alcohol Lamps, Burners, Hotplates, Thermometers,  Condenser, round bottom flask, stirrers, beakers, corks and stoppers.

Qualitative analysis: test tubes, centrifuges stirrers, stoppers and corks burners etc.

The library is well maintained & regularly updated with latest prescribed books. The faculty makes use of the library and an issue register is also maintained.

Competitions conducted at our college: Intercollegiate level seminars: in 2018 on Nomen claiture of Drugs and generic drugs introduction.

College level:  uses of chemistry products like cosmetics, drugs solutions, lotions, creams, gels , emulsions ….etc. projects /charts/posters…….etc

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