Our motto is “Knowledge is Power”.

     The library will be recognized as an accessible and learning center with creativity focused on student success. A library is a hub of academic inquiry. It is a peaceful atmosphere with well-lit study areas.

Library Services :-

  1. Library accommodates reference books, text books, current periodicals and journals etc.
  2. Each student may borrow two/three books at a time.
  3. The borrowed books will not be renewed if the books are in demand.
  4. Reference books are available for students in the library.
  5. Library notice board displays current events, notifications, career information.
S. NO. Particulars Total Collection
1 No. of Volumes 2908
2 No. of Titles 1297
3 Periodicals 9
4 Newspapers 4
S.No. Title
1 General Knowledge
2 Competition Success
3 Wisdom
4 Pratiyogita  Kiran
5 Mathematics Today
6 Business Today
7 Business India
8 Business India
9 Higher Education
S. NO. Title Language
1 The Hindu English
2 Eenadu Telugu
3 Economics Times English
4 Employment News English


S. NO. Subject No of Titles No of volumes
1 Commerce 540 1199
2 Computers 264 407
3 Mathematics 107 206
4 Statistics 62 159
5 Microbiology 53 90
6 Bio- Technology 25 38
7 Chemistry 66 105
8 Languages 184 506

General Rules in Library

  1. Strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  2. Cell phones should not be used in the library.
  3. Books are to be replaced in their respective shelves after reading and reference.
  4. Loss of library books should be immediately brought to the notice of the library. They should be replaced with the latest edition.
  5. Library books are to be used with care and returned without damage.
  6. Students must return all books and library cards. Settle any outstanding dues at the end of the academic year to obtain the “NO DUES” certificate.



Mrs. Rajyalakshmi

She is been working with us for the past 8 years and she has assisted 1000s of students with her expert guidance and knowledge.

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