The placement cell monitors and provides intensive training to students in employability skills as well as giving career guidance. It creates interest among students by arranging some extension lectures, seminars from experts of different organisations to make students aware of the latest development.

The placement cell is committed to develop strong human values, good leadership qualities and overall personality development in all the students. The students are trained in communication skills and soft skills. Under the guidance of TASK – Listening (L), Speaking (S), Reading (R) and Writing(W) skills are improved. Along with this TASK also teach reasoning, aptitude and computer skills. It conducts Just a Minute, Group Discussion and Mock interviews to help students. TASK also helps students to improve their academic scores through a series of programs, workshops, seminars, industrial visits etc. 

– Placement Officer – Mrs B. Shalini


The Counselling cell plays a vital role as it assists the students in all the ways to seek out solutions pertaining to their personal and academic career. It helps the students to understand the relevance of creating opportunities to face difficult and tough situations. In many ways, the counselling cell always makes sure that the best of the support and cooperation is rendered to build their confidence and self esteem.

– Counselling Officer – Mrs. B. Lavanya Kumari

Our Students who got placed in reputed MNCs

Placements for the Academic Year 2018-19

K.Ramya Sree BCom(Comp) TCS,HGS,Zealous.
B.Shirisha BCom(Comp) Amazon,Next Education,Zealous.
Ch.Bhargavi BCom(Comp) Next Education,Zealous.
P.Priyanka BCom(Comp) Amazon
G.Mounika BCom(Comp) TCS
G.Jyothirmayee BCom(Comp) TCS
A.Keerthana BCom(Comp) TCS
Deekshita BCom(Comp) Sitel
Archana BCom(Comp) Next Education
Likhita BCom(Comp) Next Education
R.Sowmya BCom(Comp) Next Education,Zealous.
K.Sheeba BCom(Comp) Zealous.
Shivanandini BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Anusha BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
P.Vyshnavi BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
A.Vyshnavi BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Laxmi Meghana BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Huma Parveen BSc(M.Bt.C) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
K.Bindu Priya BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
G.Jhansi BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
E.Preethi BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
G.Jyothirmayee BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
B.Shirisha BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
T.Pooja BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Ch.Bhargavi BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
P.Prathyusha BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
k.Pravalika BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
G.Mounika BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
D.Madhuri BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
K.Hemalatha BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
A.Keerthana BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Likhita BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Archana BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
Rushita BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
M.Vaishnavi BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)
R.Sowmya BCom(Comp) Sutherland,Araha,Air(Shortlisted)


Placements for the Academic Year 2017-18

S. Sravani BCom(Comp) TCS
Zulekha Begum BCom(Comp) TCS
Mariyam Siddique BCom(Comp) TCS
Sucharita BCom(Comp) TCS
C.Sravani BCom(Comp) TCS
Y.Roja BCom(Comp) TCS
Nooreen Saba BCom(Comp) TCS
Anju Mane BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
V.Sandhya Sree BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
D.Ashwini BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
T.Keerthana BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Sunitha BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Keerthi Reddy BCom(Comp) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Simpy Singh BSc(MSCs) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
B.Swathi BSc(MSCs) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Ch.Anusha BSc(MSCs) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Patel Bhoomika BSc(M.Bt.C) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
G.Pushpa Latha              BSc(M.Bt.C) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
N.Agni Jyothi Kavitha BSc(M.Bt.C) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
P.Pallavi BSc(M.Bt.C) IKEA(Retail Marketing)
Simpy  Singh BSc(MSCs) Cognizant(Shortlisted)
A.Prathyusha BSc(MSCs) Cognizant(Shortlisted)
B.Srividhya BSc(MSCs) Cognizant(Shortlisted)
N.Vyshnavi BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
P.Saritha BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
S.V.Aashritha BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
N.Agni Jyothi Kavitha BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
T.Sravanthi BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
P.Radhika BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
G.Pushpalatha BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
P.Pallavi BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
K.Supriya BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)
S.Bhavana BSc(M.Bt.C) SDS Pathology(Shortlisted)


Placements for the Academic Year 2016-17

V. Annapurna B. Sc (MSCs) Infosys & Concentrix
Javeria Firdous Bcom(Comp) TCS & Concentrix
P.Komal Singh Bcom(Comp) Concentrix
E.Pravallika BCom(Comp) Concentrix
Ch.Shylaja BSc(MSCs) Concentrix
Soumya BSc(MSCs) Genpact(Shorlisted)
Divya Deepika BSc(MSCs) CapGemini(Shortlisted)
K.Sandhya BCom(Comp) HGS(Shorlisted)
S.Mounika Bcom(Comp) HGS(Shortlisted)
R.Alivelu Bcom(Comp) HGS(Shorlisted)
B.Geeta Bcom(Comp) HGS(Shorlisted)
B.Sushmitha BCom(Comp) HGS(Shorlisted)
R.Swapna Bcom(Comp) Elico
P.Navya Bcom(Comp) Elico

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